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Gender statistics in Vietnam 2020

The publication presents gender statistics in 2018 according to various topics, such as: Population, family, education, health, labour and employment, and leadership and management

Date of issue: 12/10/2021

Population ageing and older persons in Viet Nam

population ageing has evolved swiftly in Viet Nam, which in turn requires adaptive policies and programmes. The analysis also identifies different characteristics of groups in old age, and provides a number of policy recommendations to help the country meet the individual needs of older persons in order to take care of them as well as promote their role as a resource for economic growth and development in Viet Nam.

Date of issue: 26/08/2021

Statistical Yearbook of 2020

Statistical Yearbook of 2020 explainations of terminologies, contents and methodologies of some key statistical indicators, overview the main features of national socio-economic situation in the period of 2016-2020 and some sectors in 2020.

Date of issue: 30/06/2021Next release: 30/06/2022

Statistical summary book of Viet Nam 2020

The Statistical Yearbook, an annual publication by General Statistics Office, comprises basic data reflecting the general socio-economic dynamic and situation of the whole country, regions and provinces.

Date of issue: 30/06/2021Next release: 30/06/2022

Report on labour force survey 2019

The report would present major findings of 2019 labor force survey to provide information on labor and employment for data users.

Date of issue: 30/03/2021Reference period: 2019

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