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Statistical Yearbook of 2021

The Statistical Yearbook, an annual publication by the General Statistics Office, comprises basic data reflecting the general socio-economic dynamic and situation of the whole country, socio-economic regions, and localities...

Date of issue: 01/08/2022Reference period: 2021

Results of the Viet Nam Household Living Standards Survey 2020

To evaluate living standards for policy-making and socio-economic development planning, To serve the needs of users of statistical information on living standards of Viet Nam in 2020, the GSO has compiled detailed data tabulations and is publishing “Results of the Viet Nam Household Living Standards Survey 2020”

Date of issue: 09/06/2022Reference period: 2020

Results of mid-term rural and agricultural 2020 survey

The Rural, Agricultural and Fishery Census is carried out every 10 years. Between the two censuses, there is a mid-term survey conducted to collect and synthesize a number of key indicators on rural areas and agriculture. This mid-term survey was conducted on July 1, 2020 . This is a large-scale survey conducted nationwide to collect information of 8,297 communes, 20,611 farms and 1.6 million sample households.

Date of issue: 09/03/2022Reference period: 2020

Report on labor force survey 2020

On 16th August 2019, the General Director of the General Statistics Office (GSO) issued Decree No. 1260/QĐ-TCTK on conducting the labor force survey 2020, survey

Date of issue: 23/02/2022Reference period: 2020

Gender statistics in Vietnam 2020

The publication presents gender statistics in 2018 according to various topics, such as: Population, family, education, health, labour and employment, and leadership and management

Date of issue: 12/10/2021

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