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Socio-economic situation report in October and 10 months of 2022

Industrial production in October August continued the trend of rapid recovery, estimated to increase by 3% over the previous month and by 6.3% over the same period last year...

Date of issue: 29/10/2022Reference period: 10/2022Next release: 29/11/2022

Socio-economic situation in the third quarter and nine months of 2022

Our country's socio-economic development in the nine months of 2022 will prosper in most fields. Production and business activities in the third quarter of 2022 grew strongly, especially compared to the same period last year,

Date of issue: 29/09/2022Reference period: 9/2022Next release: 29/10/2022

Socio-economic situation report in August and 8 months of 2022

Agricultural production in the month focuses mainly on planting and taking care of winter rice; harvesting rice and others in the summer-autumn crop and at the same time sowing rice for the7 autumn-winter crop. Livestock development was stable...

Date of issue: 29/08/2022Reference period: 8/2022Next release: 29/09/2022

Socio-economic situation report in July and 7 months of 2022

In July, localities across the country focused on speeding up the planting of winter rice, caring for and harvesting early summer-autumn rice, and ensuring planting and harvesting in the best time frame. The livestock industry has been facing difficulties due to the high price of animal feed, which makes farmers not assured to re-herd and expand production scale.

Date of issue: 29/07/2022Reference period: 7/2022Next release: 29/08/2022

Socio-economic situation report in the second quarter and six months of 2022

I. ECONOMIC GROWTH Gross domestic product growth rate Gross domestic product (GDP) in the second quarter of 2022 was estimated to increase by 7.72% over

Date of issue: 29/06/2022Reference period: 6/2022Next release: 29/07/2022

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