Travelling turnover is the proceeds generated from implementing travelling business activities including package and semi-package tours for domestic and foreign tourists by travel establishments; providing tourism information, tour advisory and planning; tourist guide and tourist agent (setting for other units).

Domestic tourists are Vietnamese citizens, foreigners permanently residing or working in Viet Nam and foreign nationalities coming to Viet Nam who are leaving their regular residence for another place within Viet Nam’s territory for a consecutive period of less than 12 months with the main purpose of not conducting activities to earn their living in the destination.

Expenditure of domestic tourists is the sum of money spent by domestic tourists in advance (to prepare for the trip) and during the trip (personal expenditure such as food, accommodation, travel …;). Expenditure of domestic tourists excludes the following: (1) Purchase of goods for business purposes – buying goods for resale to tourists, buying goods for business to be incorporated in the trip; (2) Money for investment, contract transactions of tourists such as investment in the purchase of houses and land, real estate and other valuable assets (such as vehicles, trucks, boats, second house), eventhough the purchase of these assets for future travel spent on this trip; (3) Cash granted for relatives and friends during the trip.

Formula for calculation of average number of staying days per tourist, average expenditure per visitor and average expenditure per day per tourist.

Average number of staying days per tourist = Total staying days

Total tourists

Average expenditure per tourist = Total expenditures of tourists

Total tourists

Average expenditure
per day per tourist
= Average expenditure per tourist

Average number of staying days per tourist