Traffic accidents are unexpected events, which are beyond people’s subjectiveness; occur when people engage in traffic on public roads, specialized roads or in public traffic areas (referred as traffic network, i.e.  roads, railways, waterways), but due to their subjectivity to violate traffic safety rules or due to unexpected circumstances, unpreventable incidents cause certain damage to human’s life, health and property.

Number of traffic accident victims includes the injured and death caused by traffic accidents.

Fire, explosion and damage levels: Fire, explosion occurs out of control unintentionally that causes damage to people and property. Once a fire or explosion occurs, it is recorded as a fire or explosion case. Damage caused by fire, explosion, including loss of life (died and injured from fire or explosion) and property damage (burn or damage) is calculated according to the actual value of assets and materials… at the time of fire including damage to property, materials, goods, equipment, machinery, animals… destroyed or damaged by fire, whose original quality and function can’t be used.