Postal service, delivery and telecommunication revenue is the total amount which has being received from the provision of domestic and international service to clients in reference period, includes revenues generated from the provision of the following services: Postal services; delivery services; telecom services; internet services and other services.

Number of telephone subscribers is the number of telephones (number of data terminal equipment) in active at the observation time which are connected at an address or subscribed by user’s address and already joined in the telecommunication network. Each subscriber has a private phone number including fixed-telephone subscriptions and mobile-cellular telephone subscription (pre-paid and post-paid subscriber). The number of telephone subscribers only includes two-way connected subscribers and those with at least one-way connection.

Number of internet subscribers is the number of registers having permission to access Internet network. Each internet subscriber is provided with an account by Internet service providers (ISP) to access to the network. The number of internet subscribers includes: Internet dial up subscribers; broadband internet subscribers (xDSL) and internet direct subscribers.