Water surface area for aquaculture is the area used for aquaculture, including the area of embankment; for aquaculture breeding and hatchery area includes necessary supplement areas such as filtering ponds and letting out ponds. This indicator does not cover areas of land with special-use water surface for other purposes, but are used for aquaculture such as irrigation and hydropower reservoirs.

Quantity and capacity of motorized marine vessels and boats is the number of actual vessels, boats engaged in marine capture fisheries during the year; including newly-built motorized boats and vessels for purposes of long-term marine capture fisheries.

Capacity of vessels and boats is the total available capacity of the main engines of vessels and boats at a given time. Unit of capacity is horsepower (CV). Motorized vessels and boats for marine capture fisheries are divided into different groups: less than 20 CV; from 20 CV to under 50 CV; from 50 CV to under 90 CV; from 90 CV to under 250 CV; from 250 CV to under 400 CV; from 400 CV and over.

Aquatic production refers to volume of an aquatic product or a group of aquatic species obtained during a given period, including aquatic capture production and aquaculture production:

  • Aquatic capture production includes production of catches from the sea, and production of naturally captured from rivers, streams, lakes, lagoons, or rice fields, etc.
  • Aquaculture production includes all aquaculture production resulting from aquaculture.