On the morning of November 12, 2021, the General Statistics Office (GSO) held a webinar “Calculating statistical indicators based on household registration system”. Mr. Nguyen Trung Tien, Deputy Director General, General Statistics Office chaired the workshop.

Attending the workshop directly at the bridgehead of the GSO headquarters were leaders and experts from departments under the GSO. Attending online were Ms. Mine Metitiri, Deputy Director of Cancer Registry Improvement Program, Public Health Program, and Mr. Raj Gautam Mitra, Expert of the Regional Essential Strategic Health System Organization. Asia-Pacific (Vital Strategies Foundation).

Speaking at the opening of the workshop, Mr. Nguyen Trung Tien, Deputy Director of the General Statistics Office said that in Vietnam, population statistics work, in which demographic statistics are one of the most important fields, and always receive special attention from the Government. The Vietnamese government considers demographic statistics as important evidence to assess the impact and spillover of economic development achievements on people’s lives.

Currently, the General Statistics Office is responsible for collecting, synthesizing, calculating and publishing statistical indicators related to the field of population. This information is mainly collected and calculated based on the results of annual census and statistical surveys such as: Population and Housing Census, Population Change and Family Planning Census family.

However, the development of information technology and the digitization of administrative data, which are being vigorously deployed in Vietnam, are becoming a great opportunity for Statistics Vietnam to access information from administrative sources. digitized to exploit and calculate demographic statistics. Besides the existing advantages, Vietnam Statistics also has some problems related to theory as well as not having much experience in exploiting administrative databases.

With the cooperation between GSO and Vital Strategies, international experts will share experiences in using data from administrative sources to calculate statistical indicators on demographics for statisticians of Vietnam.

Through this conference, cooperation opportunities between Vietnam Statistics and international experts will open up to work together, share knowledge and experience in order to equip the Vietnam Statistical Office with skills and knowledge to exploit in the best way administrative data, thereby helping to calculate the statistical indicators of demographics to ensure the goal: complete, accurate, timely and reliable.

At the Workshop, Mr. Raj Gautam Mitra, an expert from Vital Strategies, gave an online presentation on the Process of developing and disseminating Statistical reports based on the civil status registration system – standards and experience experience from countries around the world. The main topics of the presentation were: Using a process-centric approach to improve or build a statistical reporting system based on civil status registration; Evaluation, analysis and redesign of the civil registration and civil status statistics system; Using the civil status statistics business process model to establish the civil status statistics system.

Next, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Mai, Deputy Director of the Department of Population and Labor Statistics gave a direct speech at the workshop on “The current situation, orientation and solutions to calculate the statistical indicators of birth and death based on on the civil status registration database”. The presentation has the following main contents: (1) Introduction to Vietnam’s civil status registration database; (2) Vietnam’s commitment to building a data system on civil status registration and statistics; (3) Current status of civil status statistics in Vietnam and (4) Proposed orientations and solutions.

Also in the Workshop, the participants discussed the problems of calculating the statistical indicators based on the civil status registration system.