In the morning of March 18th, 2021, the General Statistics Office (GSO) held a training conference to guide survey on population change and family planning on April 1st , 2021. Mr Nguyen Trung Tien, Deputy Director General of GSO chaired the Conference. Participants of the offline meeting at GSO’s headquarters are leaders and experts from the Department of Data Collection and Application of Statistical Information Technology, Department of Population and Labor Statistics, and some related units under GSO. Attending the online conference, there are 63 provincial Statistics Offices (PSO) at bridge points, including Leaders of PSOs; officials of the Division of Statistics Information Collection and the Social Statistics Division. The conference will be taken place for 2 days, on 18-19, March, 2021.

Implementing the 2021 Statistical Survey Plan of GSO, on December 30th, 2020, the General Director of GSO signed the Decision No. 1903/QD-TCTK on the 01/04/2021 time-point population change and family planning survey.

Speeching at the Conference opening, Mr Nguyen Trung Tien emphasized that purposes of the April 1st, 2021 Population Change and Family Planning Survey is to collect information and some basic characteristics on population, population changes, the level of using family planning methods, from which: (1) As a basis for synthesizing and compiling population indicators and planning family, population indicators on 6 lists of statistical indicators: Country, Sector of Planning and Investment and Statistics, ASEAN, Sustainable Development of Vietnam, Youth, Gender; (2) Serving all levels and sectors for situation assessment, making plan in the areas of population and family planning; building  national database on population and family planning; meeting needs of domestic and foreign private users; ensure international comparability.

The Population Change and Family Planning Survey was annually conducted, but in 2021 the survey is conducted in the context of changing the organization structure to new model of the Statistics sector. Previously, this survey was chaired by the Department of Population and Labor Statistics, divisions of society, culture and population statistics of PSOs was mainly responsible to conduct. This year, this survey is assigned to the newly established units, which is the Department of Data Collection and Application of Statistical Information Technology as chairing, coordinating with Department of Population and Labor Statistics and related units under GSO and PSOs. Therefore, in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of the survey plan, relevant units under GSO will guide and introduce to implement the 01/04/2021 Population Change and Family Planning Survey, including: Identifying actual permanent resident and information about household members; information on the birth history of women aged 10-49 years old; information on household’s deaths and elderly people; CAPI instructions, monitoring, testing.

In addition to the basic survey contents as in previous years, in 2021, GSO integrated more contents to collect information on healthcare situation for elderly people to contribute to assessment of the target implementation in the Healthcare Program for Elderly people to 2030 according to the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 1579 / QD-TTg dated October 13, 2020, “Caring for and improving health of elderly people, ensuring adaptation to population aging, contributing to the successful implementation of the Vietnam Population Strategy to 2030 ”.