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Statistical summary book of Viet Nam 2020

The Statistical Yearbook, an annual publication by General Statistics Office, comprises basic data reflecting the general socio-economic dynamic and situation of the whole country, regions and provinces.

Date of issue: 30/06/2021Next release: 30/06/2022

Results of the 2017 Economic Census

The book sketched fully the changes, distribution of business establishments, administrative units and public service delivery units, number of employees, sector and region structure of the economy, the contribution of each economic sector to the development of the country, each locality during 5 years.

Date of issue: 16/10/2018Reference period: 2017

Vietnam’s international Economic Integration through the commercial Presence mode

The publication “Vietnam’s International Economic Integration through the Commercial Presence mode” is the first publication developed to reflect business results of enterprises owned by foreign direct investors with over 50% of the capital.

Date of issue: 05/09/2014Reference period: 2012

Non-farm individual business establisments 2007-2012

The publication “Non-farm individual business establishments in five years 2007-2012” is one of these monographs on The 2012 Establishment Census. The publication includes an overview

Date of issue: 12/06/2014Reference period: 2007-2012

Results of the 2012 establishment census

The fourth Establishment Census 2012 was conducted in accordance with the Decision No.1271/QD-TTg dated 27 July 2011 of the Prime Minister on 1 April 2012.

Date of issue: 06/09/2013Reference period: 2012

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