On 16th August 2019, the General Director of the General Statistics Office (GSO) issued Decree No. 1260/QĐ-TCTK on conducting the labor force survey 2020, survey plan enclosed. The survey aimed to collect information on labor market participation in 2020 for those aged 15 and above who are currently residing in Vietnam. This was a basis for integrating and compiling national indicators on labor, unemployment, and earnings of workers. As a result, the information would support officials at all branches and levels in evaluating and forecast the changes in labor market among quarters in the year as well as with the previous annual labor force surveys conducted by GSO. This was also a basis for developing and making policies on human resource development trends in the labor market. The report would present major findings of the 2020 labor force survey to provide information on labor and employment for data users. Besides, the survey’s result also includes some indicators on unemployment and underemployment for those persons at statutory working ages (male from 15 to 59 years old, female from 15 to 54 years old). Data will be integrated quarterly for the whole country and regional levels and will be integrated yearly for the provincial level. With the technical support of the international labor organization (ILO), the labor force survey 2020 has applied recommendations of ILO on labor and employment, as the basis for study and complete survey content of next years. GSO highly appreciates the support from ILO and would like to receive for the following labor force survey. GSO hopes the report will meet the basic information requirements of socio-economic policymakers, especially for those working in the field of labor and employment. We welcome all constructive comments from readers.