The Viet Nam SDGCW 2020-2021 survey reflects a comprehensive picture of all aspects of the lives of children, especially children under five years of age, topics on the reproductive health of women aged 15-49 years, nutrition for children, education, health, access to information and communication technology, equality, and all-round development. In addition, the survey results have reflected a number of new topics of interest such as child labor, children with difficulties in certain functions (child disabilities), abortion, cervical cancer screening, quality of drinking water sources of Vietnamese households through assessment of E.coli and Arsenic concentrations in water.
The survey results provide information on 38 global sustainable development indicators, 35 sustainable development indicators of Vietnam, reflecting a true picture of the lives of children and women in households. The data calculated from the survey results ensure reliability and international comparison, and provide information as evidence for planning, formulating policies and programs, and evaluating the progress of implementing Vietnam’s national goals and global commitment of children and women.