On 9 December 2021, the General Statistics Office of Viet Nam launched the spatial data system on population and development – https://gis.gso.gov.vn, a digitalized tool with updated data collected from the Population and Housing Census, and economic development indicators disaggregated by administrative units to support evidence-based policy making.

In 2019, with the advanced IT application in every stage of the Population and Housing Census, the General Statistics Office of Viet Nam collected data on the geographical coordinates of more than 26 million households nationwide. This is the most valuable and unprecedented data source in Viet Nam.

To maximize the efficiency of data usage, GSO has built the website: “Spatial data system on population and development” (GIS) – https://gis.gso.gov.vn, which includes all information at household level, and many socio-economic indicators which directly affect people in Viet Nam, thus serving the needs of population and socio-economic research by geographical space.

The system was formulated and developed by a team of experts who are experienced in statistics and IT. They worked continuously for the period of 3 months to identify the needs, build the contents, and finalise the technical infrastructure system. A spatial data system was developed and integrated in the GIS Made in Vietnam software. All administrative data on the website are updated regularly, quickly and accurately. After numerous hours of test-runs, the system has proved to secure, meeting the requirements of ISO 27001:2013 standards.

When accessing the GIS on population and development, users can observe the information to be presented in different map layers, from where they can analyze and evaluate the correlative impacts between the population and the socio-economic status. In addition, users can also export data in the excel tables and charts for in-depth research and analysis. Users can also use IT devices (including PC, tablets and smartphones) of various technological platforms to access and export data from the spatial data system on population and development.

The GIS on population and development is also connected to the Disaster Monitoring System of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Viet Nam Disaster Management Authority), which integrated geographical information of health facilities. As a result, the system will provide useful information for the development of necessary interventions, including responses to natural disasters.

Information about population and development on GIS was generated in the last 5 years (2016-2020), and it shall be continuously and updated every year. The system provides policy makers and researchers with important information about the population and its geographical positions in relation to social and environmental issues, thus contributing to meeting research needs and developing evidence-based policy making.

The launch of the spatial data system on population and development demonstrates the Viet Nam statistics sector’ commitment to innovation and creativity in order to serve the increasing demands in research, administration and management, monitoring and evaluation, and development and implementation of evidence-based strategies, policies, and socio-economic development plans, in line with the requirements of digital transformation in Vietnam.

The General Statistics Office of Viet Nam and UNFPA introduce the system to every national  and international  data users, and highly appreciates constructive feedbacks for further development and completion.