This report would present major findings of the labor force survey in quarter 3 2020 in order to provide information on labor and employment to users. As a result of the survey coverage on labor market only relating to those people who were 15 years and old, currently residing in Vietnam at the survey period, therefore, the indicators on labor and employment presented in this report would mainly be calculated for those persons aged 15 and above. However, to meet the needs of researching, assessing, and analyzing information about the labor market and employment situation for the working-age (including males aged from 15 to 59 and females aged from 15 to 54). This report would also provide some basic indicators on labor and employment for this group.
The 2020 labor force survey has received technical supports from the International Labor Organization (ILO). GSO highly appreciates this supports and wishes to continuously receive more supports from ILO in succeeding surveys.
GSO hopes that report will meet the requirements of basic information for social-economic policymakers, especially for those who are engaging in the field of labor and employment. We warmly welcome all constructive comments from readers.
Sincere thanks./.