Based on primary data source collected from Customs Declarations and provided by the General Department of Customs as well as from additional sources, General Statistics Office publishes the annual “Vietnam International Merchandise Trade 2018” in order to meet better data requirements of users.

There are some changes of official in this publication compared to the preliminary information of 2018 in the publications before, because of data updating and checking sufficiently. In this publication, the number of tables on trading partners is 108 partners having total trade of 50 million USD or more (excluding the cases of Libyan Arab, Venezuela are the members of OPEC).

The publication is divided into four sections together with some appendices that give more detailed information.

Section I: Total value of exports and imports;

Section II: Trade in merchandise;

Section III: Trade with major country groups;

Section IV: Trade with major trading partners;

The content of this publication has been compiled in more detail on the basis of research that meets the requirements of domestic and foreign users according to national and international standards. The General Statistics Office is looking forward to receiving comments to improve the experience in compiling future publications. Comments should be sent to: General Statistics Office, 54 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Dong Da, Hanoi, email:

On the occasion of this “Vietnam International Merchandise Trade 2018” publication, the General Statistics Office gratefully acknowledges contributions by officials of the General Department of Customs for carrying out rough checks and providing such a valuable primary source.