The 2006 rural, agricultural and fishery Census was conducted nationwide on July 1st 2006, in accordace with the Decision No. 188/2005/QD-TTg, dated 26 July 2005 by the Prime Minister.     The Census covered all communes, rural households and all agricultural, forestry, fishery units (enterprise, cooperative, farm, household). The survey date was on July 1st 2006.

Final results of the Census are compiled in three volumes:

Volume 1. General results. The book consists of general information on current situation and changes in rural area, agriculture, forestry and fishery of Vietnam.

Volume 2. Rural Situation. The book consists of information on basic situation and infrustructure in rural area.

Volume 3. Agricuture, Forestry, Fishery. The book consists of  information on employees, land use, machinery, agricultural, forestry, fishery units, production outcomes and production costs of main products.