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Public investment - an important driver of Vietnam's economic growth in the first 6 months of 2023

The Government's drastic direction from the beginning of the year has initially brought into play its effectiveness, in which the determination of ministries, branches and localities to focus on promoting the implementation of public investment capital from the first months of the year, especially in the second quarter of 2023.

Date of issue: 10/07/2023Reference period: 6/2023

Hanoi leads the country in attracting foreign investment first 6 months of 2023

As of June 20, 2023, the country's foreign investment capital, including the total newly registered, adjusted and contributed capital to purchase shares of the whole country reached over 13.43 billion USD, down 4.3% compared to the previous year. in the same period last year.

Date of issue: 07/07/2023

The light and dark shades in the labor market and employment picture in the second quarter and the first half of 2023

Although recording some positive signals, the labor market is still facing many difficulties and challenges in the context of prolonged impact of negative shocks overlapping due to the Covid-19 pandemic, conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the decline in world aggregate demand...

Date of issue: 07/07/2023

Overcoming difficulties, Vietnam has a trade surplus of 12.25 billion USD in 6 months of 2023

Total export and import turnover of goods in June was estimated at 56.01 billion USD, up 3.6% over the previous month and down 14.1% over the same period last year.

Date of issue: 30/06/2023Reference period: 6/2023

Disbursement of public investment capital, foreign direct investment, expecting the last months of 2022

FDI realized in Vietnam increased by 16.3% over the same period last year, which is the highest increase in 9 months of the years from 2018-2022. The ratio of realized FDI to registered capital reached a record of 82.3%...

Date of issue: 09/10/2022

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