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Introduction Vietnam Statistical Data in the 20th century

 The door of time of the 20th century has closed, history of Vietnam has entered a new century. At the landmark between two centuries, human in general and each nation in particular not only joyful welcome the first century of the thirst millennium, but also strain every nerve to think out and reckon up what made in the previous century in order to sum up and enrich experience on the path toward future.

The history is always objective, language of representation is multiform and depends on particularity of each field, industry and subject. Statistics is the specialized subject, statistical activity is responsible for collecting, integrating, analyzing, disseminating and storing data, that reflect phenomenon and majority socio-economic process in concrete conditions of time and location. That is reason why the statistics has advantage over other subjects in that it assesses process of history clearly, truthfully and persuasively through quantitative statistics. Therefore, the statistics become important tool for awareness of society and statistician become historians through figures.

To affirm and promote continuously position of strength of the statistical activity, Doctor Le Manh Hung, General Director and Doctor Nguyen Van Tien, Deputy General Director of the General Statistics Office have directed the Statistics Publishing House in cooperation with the Integrated Statistics Department and other subject - metter departments of the General Statistics Office to compile and publish the book titled.

Vietnam Statistical Data in the 20th century”

The book consists of main six parts with 4,856 pages and is divided into 3 volumes:

The first volume: "Vietnam statistical data, 1901 - 1975" with 1132 pages includes three parts:

Part 1: Vietnam statistical data, 1901 - 1954 with 209 pages;

Part 2: The Northern Vietnam statistical data, 1955 - 1975 with 476 pages;

Part 3: The Southern Vietnam statistical data, 1955 - 1975 with 447 pages.

The highly valuable documents in period of from the beginning of the 20th century to 1975, when the country gained independence, have been included in this volume, of which lots of documents have been made public first. The statistics experts with their experience have made a lot effort in collecting, processing and compiling the book.

The second volume titled "Vietnam statistical data, 1976 - 2000" with 1808 pages consists of part 4 and part 5. Part 4 titled Vietnam statistical data, 1976 - 1985” shows outline data on the socio-economic dynamic of Vietnam during 10 years of implementing centralized, subsidized and planning economic model. Significalt characteristics of the socio-economic situation of Vietnam during two 5-year plans after 1975 that are recorded in this part 4, were instable growth of the economy and appearance of inflation and economic crisis in 1985. Part 5 titled “Vietnam statistical data, 1986 - 2000" reflects socio-economic trend of Vietnam and real situation during 15 first years of implementing renovation line in general and economic renovation line in particular, these lines have been launched by the Communist Party of Vietnam. Beside achieved great success, the country faced restrictions and challenges in this period.

The third volume include part 6 with titled "21 statistical large - scale surveys and censuses in the 20th century" with 1916 pages is the last. It consists of selected statistics obtained from the results of twenty one large scale surveys and censuses conducted by the General Statistics Office in the last century. It is expected that this volume will provide readers with diversified socio-economic statistics as well as specialized statistics of the country.

To enrich the content of the book, a lot comments and analyses made by doctor Tran Kim Dong, director of the Statistics Integrated Department are added to the beginning of each part, from part 1 to part 5.

Although content of the book is concise and compiled meticulously, needs of the users is larger. Thus, to satisfy completely readerss demand on the socio-economic situation of Vietnam in the 20th century, it is expected that levels, agencies and economists must make efforts together, while waiting for more sufficient documents. the Statistics Publishing House would like to introduce the book titled Vietnam statistical data in the 20th century”.

It is hopped that the book will be helpful for readers who are interested in country and people of Vietnam in general and in socio-economic situation of Vietnam in the 20th century in particular.  

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