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Delegation of French experts to visit and work with the General Statistics Office of Vietnam


In the morning, June 4th, 2018, in Hanoi, the General Statistics Office (GSO) had a courtesy reception with the delegation of experts from the French Republic to visit and work with the GSO. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Huong, Deputy Director General of GSO chaired the meeting. The French expert delegation included Mr. Jean-Pierre Cling, Head of the Department of Statistical and International Coordination, the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE), France; Ms. Sylvie-Anne Meriot, the expert from Institute of Research for Development – IRD, France. Leadership representatives of some units under the GSO also attended this event.

At the reception, two sides exchanged and discussed the content and plan of assisting the GSO in improving the capacity of implementing statistical work in the un-observed economy (NOE). The un-observed economy consists of 5 components: underground activities; illegal activities; informal sector; activities undertaken by households/own consumption; and deficiencies in the basic collection process. At present, Vietnam defines it is difficult to calculate the underground and illegal economic sectors. The Government identifies the component that needs to be prioritized for review is deficiencies in the basic collection process.

INSEE and GSO have had a close relationship since 2003 when INSEE provided technical assistance to GSO in the informal sector within the framework of the cooperation project of the two Governments. At the meeting, both sides agreed on the contents of supporting GSO, firstly focusing on the non-observed economic sector. The GSO expressed the wish that two agencies would expand the cooperation in other areas based on the strength of INSEE, and continue to exchange for the development of a technical assistance project for the GSO.

Some images from the courtesy reception with the delegation of French experts:


The Delegation of French experts
Representatives of GSO received the Delegation of French experts
Overview of the courtesy reception
Representative of GSOs leaders gave the commemorative gift to the Delegation of French experts
Participants took a commemorative photo

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