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  Report on Labour force survey: Quarter 4, 2016
  Report on Labour force survey Quarter 3, 2016
  The 2015 National Internal Migration Survey
  Major findings: The 1/4/2015 time-point population change and family planning survey
  Survey of Bussiness establishments producing non-agricultural individual period 2005-2015
  The 2014 Viet Nam intercensal population and housing survey: Fertility in Viet Nam: Differentials, trends, and determinants
  The 2014 Viet Nam Intercensal Population and Housing Survey: Population sex-age structure and related socio-economic issuses in Viet Nam
  Vietnam Population Projection 2014 - 2049
  The 2014 Viet Nam intercensal population and housing survey: Migration and urbanization in Viet Nam
  Results of a survey on non-farm individual business establishments 2015
  Statistical Yearbook of Vietnam 2015
  Report on Labour Force Survey quarter 2, 2016
  Report on labour force survey 2015
  International merchandise trade Vietnam 2014
  Business results of Vietnamese enterprises in the period 2010-2014
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