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Ha Noi, September 14, 2012


On Specifying functions, duties and organizational structure

Of the College of Statistics




Based on Decision No 54/2010/QD-TTg dated August 24, 2010 by the Prime Minister specifying functions, duties, powers and organizational structure of the General Statistics Office (GSO) directly under the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI);

Based on Decision No.676/QD-BKH dated May 25, 2009 by the Minister of MPI on the decentralization of management for cadres, civil public workers and employees working in the public administration and service sectors under MPI;

Based on Circular No 14/2009/TT-BGDDT dated 28/5/2009 by the Minister of Education and Training on promulgation of the Regulations for colleges;

Based on Decision No 4700/QD-BGD&DT-TCCB dated 23/8/2004 by the Minister of Education and Training on the establishment of the College of Statistics;

Considered requests from Principal of the College of Statistics (COS) and Director of the Personnel Department,


Article 1- Position and functions

The Statistical College is a public service unit of GSO, which is under the state management of the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) in the field of education, and of the People Committee of Bac Ninh Province in the aspect of administration at the same time. The School is operational according to the Regulations for colleges.

It is a public training institution under the national educational system functioning human training at the college and lower level, comprising main special subjects: statistics, accounting, IT, commercial English, finance, banking, business administration and investment economics; implementing scientific research on the need of statistics and socio-economic development. It is directly under the management of GSO in fields of teaching program, organizational structure, workforce, salary fund and finance in accordance with law.

It is a public service unit with revenues, which by itself covers a part of operating costs, implementation of the autonomy, responsibility in accordance with the law.

It has a legal status, its own seal, head office and can open accounts at the State Treasury and Bank to run its work in accordance with law.

International name: College of Statistics, abbreviated to COS.

The College is located in Le Phung Hieu Road, Ve An Commune, Bac Ninh City, Bac Ninh Province.

Article 2 – Duties

Human training at the college and lower level in special subjects of statistics, accounting, IT, commercial English, finance, banking, business administration and investment economics to meet the need of the statistical industry and society;

Training of statistical specialty for staff in GSO and statisticians out of GSO;

Implementing enrolment of students, organizing the process of training, graduation recognition and certification in accordance of rules ofMOET and GSO;

Scientific research and technology development; combination of training and research for application in the statistical work and socio-economic management; implementation of types of technical services; efficient use of invested budget in development of science and technology;

Implementing democracy, equity and openness in arrangement and performance of training, scientific, technical tasks and financial activities; management of teachers, cadres, employees; construction of the teaching staff in sufficient numbers to ensure the quality requirements, balancing the qualification structure, industry structure in accordance of rules of MOET and GSO;

Registration and performance of assessment of quality of education, and acceptance of the qualitative management of education authorities;

Openness of the College’s commitments to the quality of training and conditions to ensure it;open annual financial revenues and expenditures;

Discovery and cultivation of talents among learners and the teaching staff of COS;

Preservation and development of national cultural heritages;

Programs for public civil servants, employees and learners to participate in  social activities appropriate to the career of training; care and protection of legitimate interests of COS’ cadres and teaching staff;

Management of organizational machinery, workforce; implementation of salary regulations, policy of treatment, reward, punishment and other rules for employees and workers under management of COS  in accordance of  law and the decentralization defined by the General Director of GSO;

Control over finance, assets and assigned construction invested projects in accordance of law and GSO’s rules;

Performance of other duties assigned by the Minister of Education and Training and the General Director of GSO;

 Article 3- Powers and responsibilities

Building and implementation of COS’ plan in conformity with the strategies of GSO and of the Government for developing the statistical industry and the education and planning the network of universities and colleges;

Development of the training program, compilation of textbooks, teaching and learning plans suitable to the level and type of training for each branch based on the program frame promulgated by MOET and the contents of special subjects approved by GSO;

Registration, participation in selecting, signing and implementing scientific and technical contracts; human training, fostering talents in the field of science and technology to contribute to the construction and development of this potential within the country and to the international integration;

Mobilization, management and use of resources to achieve the educational goal; Cooperation and association with economic organizations, training centers, scientific research institutes in and out of the country in accordance of law for improving the training quality; linking the training to the job; human training to serve the statistical industry and the course of socio-economic development;

Protection of intellectual property rights; transfer andproclamation of results of scientific and technical activities; the interests within the state and the society, the rights andlegal interests of individuals in the College’s activities;

Get funding from organizations and individuals in accordance with law; capital contribution in cash, property, value of intellectual property rights; using revenues from economic activities to build infrastructure of the school; financing social, humanitarian and charity activities, implementing preferential policies for children of families under current policy;

Be allocated land use rights, land-leasing, loans and tax exemption under the provisions of law;

Organize the school’s activities in institutions, which have been registered, and agreed by MOET and GSO;

Implementation of the reporting system of GSO and MOET on the school’s activities according to current provisions;

Article 4- Organizational structure and operation

Organizational structure of COS comprises:

School’s Council

Principal and Vice Principals

Scientific-Training Council and other Consultancy Councils

Functional Divisions and establishments for training

Personnel-Administration Division

Division for Scientific Training and Management

Financial Division

Division for Student Task

Testing and Secured Qualified Education Division

Health Clinic

Dormitory Management Board

Faculties and subjects:

Statistics Faculty

Accounting-Finance Faculty

IT Faculty

Foreign languages Faculty

Economics and business administration Faculty

Subject of political theory

Basic subject

National defense and physical education subject

The establishment of new unit(s), dissolution, separation and merger of units under the School shall be performed in accordance with the rules of the Minister of Education and Training and the General Director of GSO.

Functions, duties and relations among units shall be specified by COS.

Principal and Vice Principals shall be appointed or dismissed by the GSO General Director in accordance with law. The Principal is the representative of the School, responsible to the Minister of Education and Training and the General Director of GSO for all activities of the School. Vice Principals assist the Principal and are liable to the Principal for assigned tasks.

The principal shall decide to nominate/dismiss the head/subhead of units under the School in accordance of law and the decentralization defined by the General Director of GSO.

Article 5- Effect and execution responsibility

This Decision shall take effect from the date of signing. Decision No 699/QD-TCTK dated 13/10/2004 by the Director General of GSO specifying functions, duties and organizational structure for the College of Statistics is abolished.

Director of the Personnel Department, Chief of the Administration Department, Director of the Finance-Planning Department, the Principal of COS and Heads of related units shall be responsible for execution of this Decision./.




- As said in Article 4 Do Thuc (signed)

- MPI Minister (for reporting)

- GSO Leaders

- Personnel Department, MPI

- Ministry of Education and Training

- People Committee of Bac Ninh province

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