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Ha Noi, January 9, 2014



On Specifying functions, duties, organizational structure

and mode of work for the Personnel Department





            Based on Decision No. 54/2010-QD-TTg dated August 24, 2010 by the Prime Minister specifying functions, duties, powers and organizational structure of the General Statistics Office (GSO) directly under the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI);

Based on Decision No. 65/2013-QD-TTg dated November 11, 2013 by the Prime Minister on amending and supplementing Point a Clause 1 Article 3 Decision No. 54/2010-QD-TTg dated August 24, 2010 specifying functions, duties, powers and organizational structure of the General Statistics Office (GSO) directly under the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI);

            Based on Decision No. 676/QD-BKH dated May 25, 2009 by the Minister of MPI on the decentralization of management for cadres, civil public servants and employees working in administrative and public service sectors under MPI;

            Considered requests from Director of the Personnel Department,




Article 1- Position and functions

Personnel Department (PD) is a public administration unit of GSO with advisory function to assist the General Director of GSO in guiding, managing and conducting the work of personnel, training and emulation-reward.


Article 2- Duties

1.     Building of annual and long-term strategies, projects and programs for the work of personnel and training within the management of GSO. Implementation of the staffing, control over the training, records management, implementation of the inspection and supervision over staff, assignment according to annual/unscheduled plan; participation in the treatment of complains related to staffing under the GSO’s management;

2.     Building of programs, plans and implementation of the work of emulation-reward of the industry of statistics.Participation in solving complains to the work of emulation-reward under the sphere of management of GSO.

3.     Arrangement, strengthening of the organizational system; establishment of  functions, duties, powers and structures of public administration and service units under GSO; research on the proposal for strengthening of the statistical system in line-ministries and industries;

4.     Planning and allocation of staff annually for public administration and service units under GSO;

5.     Guidance on establishing a classification scale of civil servants and employees in public administration and service units; titles, professional standards for senior management and staff in units of GSO;

6.     Acting as an adviser to assist the General Director in nominating staff to learn, to take study tours, to attend meetings/workshops abroad; control over staff’ passports;  coordination with GSO’ projects to monitor, manage the training and surveying of projects;

7.     Implementation of the internally political protection;

8.     Permanent member of the Emulation-Reward Council of the Statistics and GSO; offering titles of emulation and other forms of reward according to law and GSO’s instructions;

9.     Building and proposing the use of GSO’ emulation-reward fund. Management and archiving of emulation-reward files, distribution of GSO’s reward items according to the decentralization; compliance with procedures of withdrawal, exchange of damaged/missed items according to rules;

10.  Management, supervision over enterprises under MPI, which have been assigned to GSO for control over the field of organizing and staffing: establishment, participation, reorganization, dissolution of business, implementation of  the enterprise’s regulations for organizing and running; appointment, reappointment, dismissal, salary and reward system, the enterprise’s performance of task and operation results;

11.  Guidance, check, supervision over units in GSO in the field of organizing, staffing and training and emulation-reward;

12.  In coordination with related units to perform following main tasks: Scientific research, application of information technology; international cooperation; professional inspection; financial planning and office work;

13.  Implementation of other tasks assigned by the General Director;


Article 3- Working mode

1.     PD has one director, deputy directors and professional staff. The director and deputy directors shall be appointed/ dismissed by GSO General Director in accordance with law.

2.     The director is responsible to the GSO General Director for all activities of the Department. Deputy directors assist the director and are liable to the director for their assigned tasks. Professional staff perform tasks assigned by director/deputy directors and shall be responsible for them.

3.     The Department shall work under the leadership in combination with the expert mode; in case GSO leaders directly assign a task to a deputy director or to a staff, he (she) shall be responsible to execute the task and report to the director about it.


Article 4- Effect

This Decision shall take effect from 10/01/2014.

Previous decisions different with this Decision are abolished.


Article 5- Execution responsibility

Directors of the Personnel Department, Administration Department and related units shall be responsible for execution of this Decision./.




- As said in Article 5

- MPI Minister (for reporting)

- General Director

- Deputy General Directors

- Personnel Department of MPI

- Units under GSO

- Website of GSO

- Archive in Document & Letter Section, Personnel Department



Nguyen Bich Lam(Signed)