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Ha Noi, June 24, 2013


On Specifying functions, duties, organizational structure

and mode of work of the Center for Statistical Documentation and Service



Based on Decision No 54/2010/QD-TTg dated August 24, 2010 by the Prime Minister specifying functions, duties, powers and organizational structure of the General Statistics Office (GSO) directly under the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI);

Based on Decision No.676/QD-BKH dated May 25, 2009 by the Minister of MPI on the decentralization of management for cadres, civil public workers and employees working in the public administration and service sectors under MPI; 

Considered requests from Director of the Center for Statistical Documentation and Service (CSDS) and Director of the Personnel Department,


Article 1- Position and functions

1. The name “Statistical Documentation Center” is changed to “Center for Statistical Documentation and Service."

Article 2- Position and functions

1. CSDS is a unit of GSO with a function of building and managing the content of GSO’s electronic information web page; storing, controlling and disseminating announced statistics; a focused unit for implementing the statistical service in accordance of rules.

2. CSDS is a public service unit with revenues, which by itself covers a part of operating costs, implementation of the autonomy, responsibility in accordance to the law.

CSDS has a legal status, its own seal and can open accounts at the State Treasury and Bank to run its work in accordance with law.

International name: Center for Statistical Documentation and Service, abbreviated to CSDS.

CSDS’s Head Office is located in 54 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Dong Da District, Ha Noi and its Representative Office in 101, Pasteur, District 1, HCM City.

Article 3- Duties and powers

1. Responsible for building, editing and updating the content of, and coordinating with the Regional Center of Statistical Informatics and Services No1 to managing and operating the electrical information web page of GSO;

2. Collection, systematization, update, storing and management of announced statistical data, which include:

a. Results of statistical censuses and surveys;

b. Statistical data, analytic reports and forecasts;

c. Documents of methodology, reporting system, survey plans, reviews from experts, researchers within the field of statistics;

d. Statistical books, newspapers, newssheets domestically and internationally;

3. Compilation of announced data according to the laid-out standardto meet the need of exploiting statistical information in GSO’s web page;

4. CSDS shall act as a focus point for statistical services in accordance with law.

5. Cooperation and association with domestic and international organizations to study and develop operation of statistical documentation and services in accordance with law;

6. Management of assigned organizational machinery, workforce; implementation of salary regulations, policy of treatment, reward, punishment and other rules for employees and workers under management of the Center in accordance of  the Government’s rules and the decentralization defined by the General Director of GSO;

7. Control over finance, assets and construction invested projects in accordance of law;

8. Performance of other duties assigned by the General Director;

Article 4- Organizational structure

1. The organizational structure of CSDS consists of:

a. Division for Editing and Managing website

b. Division for Managing Documents and Library

c. Division for Statistical Services

d. Personnel-Administration Division

e. Representative Office in HCM City

2. The establishment of new division(s), dissolution, separation and merger of divisions and the representative office (generally called Division) under CSDS shall be decided by the GSO General Director.

3. Every division has one manager and vice manager(s); for division(s) having six employees and above, vice managers are not more than two.

The manager is responsible to Director of the Center and to the law for all activities of his/her division. The vice manager is liable to the manager and the law for his/herassigned tasks.

4. Functions, duties and relations among divisions shall be specified by the Director of CSDS.

Article 5- Leaders of CSDS

1. CSDS has one director and deputy directors; Director and deputies shall be appointed or dismissed by the GSO General Director in accordance of law.

2. Director of the Center is responsible to the GSO General Director and to the law for all activities within the unit.Deputy directors assist the director and are liable to the director and to the law for assigned tasks.

The Director shall decide to nominate/dismiss/appoint the division manager/vice manager of the unit in accordance of law, and the decentralization defined by the General Director of GSO.

Article 6- Effect and execution responsibility

1. This Decision shall take effect from the date of signing. Decision No 403/QD-TCTK dated 22/6/2004 by the Director General of GSO specifying functions, duties, organizational structure and mode of work for the Statistical Documentation Center is abolished.

2. The Director of CSDS, Director of the Personnel Department, Chief of the Administration Department, Director of the Finance-Planning Department and Heads of related units shall be responsible for execution of this Decision./.




- As said in Article 4 Do Thuc (signed)

- MPI Minister (for reporting)

- GSO General Director

- GSO  Deputy General Director

- Newspaper Department, Information & Communication Ministry

- Press Publication, Central Committee for Propaganda & Instruction 

- Personnel Department of MPI

- Units of GSO

- Website of GSO

- Archive in Document & Letter Section, Personnel Department