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Ha Noi, April 5th, 2011



On Specifying functions, duties, organizational structure

and working mode for the Administration Department




            Based on Decision No 54/2010/QD-TTg dated August 24, 2010 by the Prime Minister specifying functions, duties, powers and organizational structure of the General Statistics Office (GSO) directly under the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI);

            Based on Decision No676/QD-BKH dated May 25, 2009 by the Minister of MPI on the decentralization of management for cadres, civil public servants and employees working in administrative and public service sectors under MPI;

            Considered requests from Chief of the Administration Department and Director of the Personnel Department,


Article 1- Position and functions

1.             Administration Department (AD) is a unit of GSO with advisory function to assist the General Director of GSO in summarizing and coordinating activities of GSO; it performs work of secretary, administration, management, finance, health care, management of cars, order and safety in GSO headquarters; guiding the clerical knowledge to other units of GSO.

2.             It has its own seal and can open accounts at the state treasury in accordance with law.

Article 2- Duties

1.             Preparing GSO working programs and schedules; assisting the Director General in management, deployment of work plans, check, supervision overand speeding up the performance of those plans, and summarizing reports to submit the General Director on a scheduled/unscheduled basis over the execution status of tasks performed by units in GSO; arrangement of weekly and monthly working schedules for the management of GSO.

2.             Performing secretary work for GSO leaders; taking charge of preparation of programs, contents, documents for GSO’s meetings and workshops on GSO’s work plan and on assigned areas of work; cooperation with related units to prepare programs,  contents, documents for GSO’s other meetings and workshops.

3.             Responsiblefor assessing administrative content and procedure for documents drafted by units in GSO before submitting them to authority level for approval;responsibility of executive procedure to documents issued by the General Director.

4.             Research and proposal of solutions for dealing with documents under authority of GSO; signing by order of the General Director some kinds of administrative documents in accordance with the General Director’s decentralization and state rules.

5.             Guidance and check of units under GSO on implementation of administrative work, document and letter, archive and supply of archived files and documents in accordance with rules of the Government and GSO. Performance of managerial work, document and letter, archive and management of use of GSO’ seal.Assuming responsibility  for good communication to meet requirement of professional tasks.Application of information technology in office work. Responsible for researching and applying the quality control system according to Viet Nam Standard ISO 9001:2008 in GSO.

6.             Conducting the task of printing and delivering all kinds of statistical documents and products to users;

7.             Management of operational budget; financial estimate and implementation, GSO’s balance-sheet; management of fund and settlement of procedures relating to GSO’s running finance in accordance with law and rules of GSO;

8.             Management of construction investment projects assigned by the General Director; responsible for repair work of GSO headquarter; purchase of equipment, maintenance/replacement/mending of assets, equipment, office supplies on a scheduled/unscheduled basis; control and use of GSO’ assets in Ho Chi Minh City assigned by the General Director; provision of working conditions for GSO’ staff;

9.             Responsible for protocol task, adequate facilities for GSO’ missions to the provinces in the South; welcoming guests in and out of the country;

10.          Management of automobiles to secure adequate means of transport to meet GSO’s requirements of the work;

11.          Provision of health-care service to GSO’ staff; performance of the work of environment hygiene and epidemic protection in GSO’s head office; responsible for and coordination with related units in carrying out national programs and goals on population and family planning, social evil protection;

12.          Responsible for executing the military work, militia, security guard, fore protection and fighting, order and safety, check over the implementation of GSO’s regulations;

13.          Coordination with GSO’s Party committee, Labor Union committee, Staff’ s living condition committee and related unit in execution of policy for cadres, care and improvement of workers’ spiritual and material life;

14.          Performance of other duties assigned by the General Director

Article 3- Organizational structure

1.             Administration Department consists of:

a)             General Coordination and Secretary Division

b)            Administrative Division

c)             Management Division

d)            Financial Division

e)             Automobile ManagementDivision

f)             Representative Office in HCM City (with own seal and account)

g)            Guardians Group

2.             The establishment of new division(s), dissolution, separation and merger of divisions and the representative office (generally called division) under the Administration Department (AD) shall be decided by the GSO General Director.

3.             Number of staff for each division in total staff assigned to the AD shall be specified by the Chief of AD. The AD Chief shall build functions, duties, organization and working mode for divisions under the AD and submit this to the General Director for decision.

Article 4- Working mode

1.             The Department has one chief and sub-chiefs. AD’s Chief and sub-chiefs shall be appointed or dismissed by the GSO General Director.

2.             The AD Chief is responsible to the GSO General Director for all activities of the AD. Sub-chiefs assist the Chief and are liable to the Chief for their assigned tasks.

3.             Divisions under the AD have managers and vice managers; managers/vice managers shall be appointed or dismissed by the GSO General Director according to requests from the Chief of AD and the Director of Personnel Department.

4.             The AD shall work under the leadership in combination with the decentralization; in case GSO leaders directly assign a task to the AD sub-chief/ division manager/vice manager, he (she) shall be responsible to execute the task and report to the AD Chief about it.

Article 5- Effect and execution responsibility

This Decision shall take effect from the date of signing. Decision 698/QD-TCTK dated 15/10/2004 by the GSO General Director specifying functions, duties, organizational structure and working mode for the AD is abolished.

Director of the Personnel Department, AD Chief and Heads of related units shall be responsible for execution of this Decision./.




- As said in Article 5

- MPI Minister (for reporting)

- GSO leaders

- Personnel Department of MPI

- Units under GSO

- GSO’s Party Committee, Labor Union

- Archive in Document & Letter Section, Personnel Department



Do Thuc (Signed)