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The Statistical Documentation Center (SDC) was established according to the Government Decree No. 101/2003/ND-CP date 03/9/2004. SDC’s functions and duties:


      Collect, systematize, update, store and manage statistical documents that have been published, including: (1) Census/survey results; (2) Statistical data, analyses and forecasts; (3) Documents on statistical methodology, report system, survey plans, papers written by statisticians and from study visit missions; (4) Domestic and international books, news papers and magazines, and statistical new-letters.

      Preside over development, editing, updating and management of statistical web page (http://www.gso.gov.vn).

      Establish and manage a statistical library.

      A center mandated to carry out statistical services in accordance with the statistical law and rules set by GSO, including: (1) Services on social-economic statistical information. Develop and spread forms of services: on-site reading service, provision of publications and information through web pages, FAX, telephone, email and electronic formats like floppy disks, CD-ROM...; (2) Consultancy service on statistical methodology; (3)
Service on statistical survey.

      Cooperation with organizations and agencies home and without the country to receive support from them to learn experience and improve the expertise in managing and developing statistical services.


Contact address:

Statistical Documentation Center

General Statistics Office

No 2 - Hoang Van Thu - Ba Dinh - Hanoi


(84-4) 8464921 - 7332997


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