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Online Press Release "announcing 2009’s major socio-economic statistics and results of the Sampling Survey of the 01/4/2009 Population and housing Census" (08:15 05/01/2010)

GSOs leaders
In the morning of 31/12/2009 in Ha Noi, the General Statistics Office  (GSO) held an online press release to announce “the 2009’ major social-economic statistics and the results of the Sampling
Survey of the 01/4/2009 Population and housing Census”. The conference was chaired by Mr. Nguyễn Đức Hoà – Deputy Minister of the Planning and Investment Ministry (MPI), and Director-General of GSO.

In the meeting, GSO reported fundamental issues about the 2009 socio-economic situation; major results of the Sampling Survey of the 2009 Population and Housing Census and updated contents of the methodology for estimating CPI for period 2009 – 2014.

According to the report, the country’s economic growth in 2009 was 5.32%, exceeding the set target and ranking in the list of high growth economies in the region and over the world. The industrial production escaped from a standstill in the beginning months of the year and increased by 7.6% for the whole year. Agricultural production had a bumper harvest with a yield of 38.9 million tons of rice for the whole year, increasing 165,700 tons compared to 2008. Budget receiving met the yearly estimate and overspending was within the goal set by the National Assembly, i.e. not exceeding 7% of GDP. Inflation was controlled, CPI in December 2009 increased by 6.52% as against December 2008, lower than the goal of 7% set by the NA; the average CPI of 2009 was 6.88%, the lowest rate since last six years. The rate of poor households decreased from 13.4% in 2008 to 12.3%. Culture, education, health and many other social fields also gained surpassing records.

According to the results from the Sampling Survey of the 2009 Population and Housing Census, the country’s population has increased additional 9.5 million, an average of 947,000 per year since the last census. The birth rate continued being below the substituted rate, the population structure had a positive change. The population was now in the type of “gold population structure” and the aging group continued increasing. It was necessary to have appropriate policies in this period to create a force of gold and qualified labour for the development of the country.

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