ࡱ> @B?7 bjbjUU -67|7|z Ml8d 6~~"d f f f f f f $# ;%   .d d vxX r p<*( ( D 0 (%`% SECTION XXI: WORKS OF ART, COLLECTORS' PIECES, AND ANTIQUES Chapter 97: Works of art, collectors' pieces, and antiques Notes 1. This Chapter does not cover: (a) Unused postage or revenue stamps, postal stationery (stamped paper) or the like, of heading 49.07; (b) Theatrical scenery, studio backcloths or the like, of painted canvas (heading 59.07) except if they may be classified in heading 97.06; or (c) Pearls, natural or cultured, or precious or semiprecious stones (headings 71.01 to 71.03). 2. For the purposes of heading 97.02, the expression "original engravings, prints and lithographs" means impressions produced directly in black and white or in colour, of one or of several plates wholly executed by hand by the artist, irrespective of the process or of the material employed by him, but not including any mechanical or photomechanical process. 3. Heading 97.03 does not apply to massproduced reproductions or works of conventional craftsmanship of a commercial character, even if these articles are designed or created by artists. 4. (a) Subject to Notes 1 to 3 above, articles of this Chapter are to be classified in this Chapter and not in any other Chapter of the Nomenclature. (b) Heading 97.06 does not apply to articles of the preceding headings of this Chapter. 5. Frames around paintings, drawings, pastels, collages or similar decorative plaques, engravings, prints or lithographs are to be classified with those articles, provided they are of a kind and of a value normal to those articles. Frames which are not of a kind or of a value normal to the articles referred to in this Note are to be classified separately. CodeDescriptionUnit9701Paintings, drawings and pastels, executed entirely by hand, other than drawings of heading 49.06 and other than handpainted or handdecorated manufactured articles; collages and similar decorative plaques.97011000- Paintings, drawings and pastels unit970190- Other: 97019010- - Of cut flowers, flower buds, foliage, branches or other parts of plant; of plastics, printed matter or base metal unit97019020- - Of natural cork unit97019090- - Other unit97020000Original engravings, prints and lithographs.unit97030000Original sculptures and statuary, in any material.unit9704 Postage or revenue stamps, stamppostmarks, firstday covers, postal stationery (stamped paper), and the like, used or unused, other than those of heading 49.07.  97040010- Postage or revenue stamps unit97040090- Other unit9705 Collections and collectors' pieces of zoological, botanical, mineralogical, anatomical, historical, archaeological, paleontological, ethnographic or numismatic interest. 97050010- Of zoological interest unit97050020- Of archaeological interest unit97050090- Other unit97060000Antiques of an age exceeding one hundred years.unit PAGE  PAGE 25 PAGE 832 -  PAGE 832 - -  PAGE 827 - ;<wx~ N O S U t u y {     126swyz{ jUhh0JmHnHu0J j0JUB*CJhph5B*CJhphOJQJ5M<=x~y6- xx$If $xx$Ifa$$<^`a$ $P^`Pa$ d^d` $d^d`a$$a$$a$z `$If $$Ifa$]$$If44FH!%&@8    4 a }tttnt$If $$Ifa$$$If4rH!%X@84 a O T }Ttttnt} tttnt$If $$Ifa$$$If4rH!%X@84 a T U Z ] ` u z { }tttnt}ptttnt$If $$Ifa$$$If4rH!%X@84 a   }tttnt}tttnt$If $$Ifa$$$If4rH!%X@84 a     ! }tttnt}tttnt$If $$Ifa$$$If4rH!%X@84 a  }htttnt}tttnt$If $$Ifa$$$If4rH!%X@84 a }tttnt}tttnt$If $$Ifa$$$If4rH!%X@84 a #&)278=@Csx}htttnt}tttnt$If $$Ifa$$$If4rH!%X@84 a xyz}{re_{VO{$a$&`#$h]h h&`#$]h&`#$$$If4rH!%X@84 a 0JCJOJQJ0JCJOJQJhmHnHuj0JCJOJQJUh0JCJOJQJh0Jhh jUhhmHnHuh]h &`#$+0&P 1hP;. 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